What I offer are a variety of ways to deeply clear-neutralize-release-and relieve the roots of our stresses and anxieties.

My work involves an energy-balancing system called EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It's a way to gently reset our internal circuit breakers, which get tripped up with stresses and anxieties.  When our energy can flow smoothly, we feel more balanced and calmer.  We perceive things differently and feel better. We move forward with greater clarity, confidence and motivation.

How do you want to feel?  What is it that you want to be different?  What is keeping you from creating that change?  EFT is highly effective and surprisingly fast in facilitating positive change.

Read about each offering.  See what calls to you.  Give yourself the gift of deeply nurturing yourself.  What you give to yourself ripples out into the world, into your relationship with others, into your community, into your deepest self.

Tea for Two Tapping Sessions

In-depth Private EFT Sessions

Women's Tapping Groups, will be announced in the newsletter